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Groundwater drainage blockage instructions

One of the most frightening nightmares of any homeowner is a flooded basement. Replacing broken walls, floors and ceilings are not only expensive. But what is stored below can be irreversible damage. Is it your expensive golf equipment or your antique collection? You can not vote in polls in this forum For good reason, all steps should be taken to avoid this dangerous situation. Follow these instructions to install a pre-flooded Channel in your basement.

The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. This is a situation that can be solved even without a plumber, with gloves on, finding a bucket, and removing stagnant water from entering the floor drain. Make sure no one is moving in the water. Floor drains are usually the last part before the house is finished. So all the water from the other DÉBOUCHAGE CANALISATION is filtered before leaving the building.

For this special reason, underground Channels usually have clean access ports. Remove the plug and use a spatula to clean. Remove the plumbing fixture a few feet. Pour hot water into the drain and gently push the snake until you meet the resistance. The water should help to remove the broken part of the snake. Remember that the snake should only rotate clockwise. Not only does it act like a traffic jam. Grind the parts that identify it but increase the lifespan of the snake

Try to avoid clogging as the chemical can be dangerous if used incorrectly or frequently. When you enter the snake, you will see resistance as there is usually more than one obstacle. So hold on until it breaks.

But be careful! If you push the snake a few times, it will still resist. This blockage may be more important than hair or tissue. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Turn the crane and gently pull the snake out of the tube. At this stage there is a high probability that some waste will be generated as a result of the return of the crane. That’s why you have gloves! Put it in a bowl and then discard.

We hope you have cleaned the locked pipes adequately. In this case, pour hot water from the pipes to remove the remaining waste. Hot water acts as a lubricant for your pipes. It is always a good idea to run it on your system once the drain is not locked. If it’s still locked, repeat the steps here until you succeed.

One thing to keep in mind is that blocking is the ability not to attack your property. If you run a snake through a pipe and you have no resistance. Maybe this is so in this case it is unavoidable to call a plumber. In any case, following these steps will help you to block the drain in the basement. Eventually, you will feel at peace

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