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What are the nightfall treatment for teenagers need to know?

Nightfall, also famous for involuntary ejaculation, is a widespread issue that teenagers face after reaching adolescence. It arises due to hormonal imbalance and increases in sexual desires, which are not fulfilled at that age. Not able to satisfy his sexual needs, he starts dreaming face scenarios leading to ejaculation during sleep. Nightfall treatment helps a teenager overcome his ejaculation problems with proper care and attention by sexologist in Delhi.

Nightfall is not a severe issue, but if not treated on time can lead to a worse case of ejaculation. Expert recommends consulting a sexologist to help the teen understand their body changes and guide them to overcome such circumstances using the best solution possible. 

What is Nightfall?

What is Nightfall?

Nightfall or wet dream is a case that occurs after a child hits puberty. It is a very common issue and includes involuntary ejaculation during sleep. A rare or occasional ejaculation is not a point of concern, but it might be an early sign of a medical condition if it is happening regularly. 

There is barely a person who never faced issues like nightfall during his adolescence. When growing up, every boy has some sexual desires that they cannot satisfy at a younger age. These desires give rise to sexual dreams that release semen during sleep. 

A boy will feel wetness in his bottoms in the morning that confirms that he had a wet dream.

What causes Nightfall?  

Not only sexual desires but several other things give rise to wet dreams in teens. Here we will share with you the most common reasons why people face wet dreams:

  1. The major reason for nightfall is watching extreme porn and talking about adult topics daily. Watching porn on a daily basis leads to an increased libido. 
  2. Excessive masturbation is another factor that reduces semen viscosity in males. It makes a man lose hold of nerves and the ability to control ejaculation.
  3. Side effects of certain medications can also cause semen leakage in males. 
  4. Health issues like obesity and laziness might be the reason for wet dreams, but in every case. We must stop rationalizing sexual issues with physical health all the time. 

Nightfall Treatment: How to Prevent Wet Dreams?

There are several ways to overcome issues like wet dreams on their own or with the help of professionals. Here we are sharing some most common solutions for treating nightfall, mentioned below: 

  1. Firstly, the expert recommends that teens stop watching porn and talk about sexual things with others.
  2. Yoga and meditation are things that will help you renew your body and mind. It will help you relax and make you calm. If you are calm, you will get fewer thoughts of sexual things that lead to nightfall.
  3. Your sleeping position also matters when we talk about wet dreams. For instance, avoid sleeping in a position that includes your private part rubbing against the bed. This action cause stimulation and erection, leading to ejaculation.
  4. Taking a hot shower before going to bed will help you relax your body and nerves. It will also promote good sleep at night. 
  5. A healthy and balanced diet is very important to recover from such sensual thoughts. Avoid eating spicy food and start eating fresh.  

Chirag Bhandari- the best sexologist in Delhi for Nightfall Treatment 

When coming to nightfall issues at an early age, choosing an experienced sexologist is crucial. One wrong treatment can lead to a lifetime problem: unable to treat for a long run. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one name that comes at the top for the best nightfall treatment in Delhi. Dr. Chirag is the founder of IASH, India- a clinic famous for providing the latest treatments for any sexual disorder. He has an experience of more than 8 years in treating male sexual problems like nightfall, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and many more.  

At first, doctors will analyze the patient’s urine and semen to determine the cause of nightfall in the body. After analyzing the reports and the cause of the sexual issues, doctors meticulously design their treatment. Using the latest equipment and methodologies, they put out every treatment with proper care and attention. 


When it comes to sexual treatments, you need to be sure that what you’re choosing is the best for your health. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one of the best sexologists in Delhi that offers the best treatment in Delhi that comes with the highest success rates in the entire city. 

All you need is to visit the website and explore their treatments for Nightfall. 

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