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Instagram updates its followers about its equity work

Instagram updates its followers about its equity work

This year was to be the year of redemption for the people. Many people believe that 2020 will bring about a better life. But, the reality was quite different from what most people thought. People have been forced to put off their plans due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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This pandemic has also brought about events they didn’t expect. Everyone was allowed to leave their homes at any hour of the day last year. However, if they leave their homes, they are now at risk of contracting the deadly virus that claimed the lives of millions around the globe.

Instagram updates its users about its equity work

People became more dependent on social media during the crisis of the pandemic, the election coming up, and other problems the world faces. IG, a social media platform, is trying to meet the needs of its users.

Additionally, the platform is being used by millions of people to raise awareness for social, racial, and civic causes they care about. IG is committed to reviewing anyways its platform might be deserving of certain groups.

Instagram also stated that it is responsible for the features and products it creates and how it does so. The social media platform’s products will be able to reflect the aspirations and actions of its users.

Policies Against Harassment & Hate

Instagram has updated many company policies to help communities around the globe. The platform also updated its guidelines to address implicit hate speech specifically. Instagram has taken down hate speech in images that depict blackface or stereotypes of Jewish people.

The social media platform has also strengthened its policies regarding rape threats. Accounts posting such threats will be removed as soon as the platform is aware.

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Involuntary public figures or individuals known to the public but not sought attention will also be protected from harassment and bullying.

Instagram’s New Equity Team

Instagram wants to ensure that the community is fully supported in its efforts to protect it. Instagram has established a product group called the Instagram Equity Team. This team will be responsible for understanding and correcting biases in Instagram’s product development.

They will also be responsible for user experience on Instagram and help more people buy Instagram followers.

Instagram updates its users about its equity work

The equity team of the platform will also be responsible for creating fair and equitable products. They will work closely with Facebook’s response team to ensure that both platforms have appropriate algorithms. They will also develop new features to meet the needs of underserved communities.

The social media platform hired a Director for Diversity and Inclusion. This position will help Instagram achieve its goal of attracting, keeping, and growing more diverse talent.


Instagram requires that accounts meet specific criteria before they can be verified. These criteria include the account owner’s level of notability.

The social media platform also measures notability by using press articles about people applying for verification. Instagram also expanded its press sources. It ensures that these sources include more LGBTQ+, Black, and Latinx media.

Instagram also stated that it is unnecessary to have a certain number of followers for an account to be verified. This allows the platform to handle the large number of requests it receives daily.


Instagram is aware of concerns around censorship. It published the guidelines it uses to decide what content can be displayed in places like the Explore tab on Instagram.

Instagram updates its users about its equity work

The social media platform also consulted over 50 experts. They all specialize in social computing and recommendation systems. All of them have contributed to the development of Instagram’s guidelines.


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