How to Use Email Marketing to Gain Social Media Followers

A successful marketing strategy is similar to an efficient machine in which every cog and gear are interlocked and cooperate to produce the best outcomes for your company. For many companies, it’s not the situation. Marketing efforts are often scattered with no unifying strategy for the different marketing channels.

Be assured that you’re in good hands, as SmartrMail SmartrMail, with our experience in marketing via email, has put together this guide on how to integrate your marketing via email and buy facebook followers uk strategies for marketing. Mainly, we’ll teach you how you can optimize your emails to increase the number of followers you have on your social networks and how to utilize these platforms to expand your email list of subscribers.

In the end, you want to ensure that your marketing via email and social media strategies work harmoniously, not just to help one another but also to increase the success of your business.

Why the Current Approach Doesn’t Cut It

Let’s begin by examining why most eCommerce businesses fail to integrate social media properly and fail to take advantage of email.

Most email messages include links that take users to social media websites like the one below. Although some emails contain links that are more prominent than others, very rarely will businesses go beyond just putting a link or icon and hoping that users click on it.

The issue with this method is that there’s no incentive to anyone who reads your email to take the time to follow your social media accounts. While this might not require much effort to accomplish, it’s essential to keep in mind that inboxes can be crowded, and the time and attention of people are both valuable resources. If you’ve cleared the initial obstacle of getting someone to read and open your email, you need to increase the likelihood of getting them to follow you on social media.

Notifying people that your Facebook account or YouTube channel won’t be enough to convince people to sign up if they don’t believe it’s worth it. If they think that following you is worth their time, they’d likely already be following your page. The objective is to convince people who aren’t convinced it’s worthwhile to sign up to your YouTube channel or follow the Facebook pages you have on your site.

Integrating Social Media into Existing Email Campaigns.

The most effective way to increase the number of email subscribers who convert to social followers is to give the users something worth their time to them in exchange for their adherence. This should be stated in the email. An excellent example can be seen in the following email.

This email was sent to inform their followers of a sale on the weekend. Most emails send the same message, including the primary image that reads “Shop Our Instagram”. The particular email, however, has four additional photos, which were posts posted on their Instagram account. They are also linked to their Instagram account.

This is an excellent example since it demonstrates what’s available on the Instagram account that those who aren’t following aren’t getting. The fact that they have multiple hyperlinks on their Instagram also increases the likelihood that people will click on it, especially compared to just one link in the footer.

The email could also be improved by adding a caption over the four images along the similar lines of “Our Latest Instagram Posts”, and then a clear call to action (CTA) button right below that reads “Follow Our Instagram”. This would let people know what those who don’t follow the Instagram accounts are not getting. Moreover, the CTA could encourage more people to go to their Instagram.

Other Ways to Drive Social Media Followers

The example above illustrates how you can integrate your social media accounts into an email you would usually send. Of course, this isn’t restricted to sales-related emails. However, you can use the same method for welcome or abandoned cart emails if you’ve automated. Furthermore, it is recommended to also look into sending emails with a particular emphasis on increasing your social media presence.

An example of this could be a fortnightly or weekly newsletter that dedicates large portions of the newsletter to updating subscribers about the latest happenings through your online social platforms. It could also include a list of your most popular Instagram posts and the most-watched YouTube video. Another option is to publish a newsworthy article in the last week or fortnight and invite you to “continue this conversation on Facebook/Twitter/our Telegram live chat”.

Another option to think about is to have several welcome emails. This will allow you to devote one of the welcome sequences of emails to encourage people to follow your social media accounts. Below is an excellent example of an email like this.

Key Points to Remember

The most important points to consider when you are using marketing via email to increase your social network are the following:

Be sure to communicate the advantages of following your social media accounts;

Check that your social media hyperlinks in your emails are straightforward to locate.

Don’t view all your channels for advertising as separate units; ensure that you connect your strategies across all of your channels.

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