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7 Reasons Why You Might Need to Detox Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are everywhere in our daily lives as we pick them up from food, water, air, industries, amalgams, cosmetics, medications, vaccinations, and cookware.

Heavy metals can be very detrimental to health as they can attack the DNA of the cell leading to cancer. Toxic metals also affect mitochondria and energy production, so unexplained fatigue is a common symptom.

They can also penetrate the blood-brain barrier and upset the chemicals in our brain causing mood changes, depression, anxiety, irritability, memory loss, and more.

There are many reasons why you might want to detox heavy metals, but today we will go through the 7 most important reasons, and then we can talk a little about the best way to naturally detox.

Boost Energy Levels

Many toxic metals produce free radicals that can damage mitochondria that produce ATP which are small energy packages. The more free radicals or oxidative stress, the more damage there will be and the lower your energy levels.

Having energy is a valuable commodity as without it there is not a lot we can do to be productive and creative.

So, if you want to boost your energy levels, you need to begin thinking about removing the heavy metals that are suppressing energy production in all your cells.

Improve Cognitive Functioning

Low I.Q in children has been linked to heavy metal toxicity, and so have their verbal abilities and attention span.

Foetus’s exposed to heavy metals in the mother’s womb can have long-term effects on fine motor speed and dexterity, concentration, and verbal learning and memory tests.

So, another benefit of a heavy metal detox is to keep your brain in good shape and prevent cognitive decline, memory loss, and keep your I.Q sharp throughout your life.

Prevent Cancer

Heavy metals can cause cancers as they attack the DNA and other regulatory proteins in the cell that participate in apoptosis or cell death.

Breast cancer can be caused by aluminium toxicity, and also sarcomas. Arsenic can cause colon, gastric, kidney, lung and nasopharyngeal cancers.

Another common heavy metal that is present in smoking is Cadmum and this can cause breast, esophagus, stomach, intestines, prostate, lung and testicular cancers.

Brain cancer and kidney cancers can be caused by the heavy metal lead.

So, to prevent the formation of any of these cancers, it would be wise to regularly detoxify from heavy metals before they accumulate and cause cell damage that will lead to cancer.

Support Immunity

Most heavy metals can cause alterations in the number, maturation, and function of T-cells through complex effects on macrophages, natural killer (NK) cells, splenic cells, and thymus cells.

Free radicals attack the immune cells and damage them.

The probability of damage to the immune system increases as the concentration of heavy metals increases. This will open the door to many infections, as well as chronic diseases.

Undergoing a heavy metal detox is going to protect against immune system damage over the long term. 

Prevent Hormonal Problems

Heavy metals negatively impact your hormones in many ways. They can directly increase oestrogen levels, they can block hormone receptor sites, and damage endocrine organs producing various hormones.

Cadmium from smoking, for example, can lower testosterone levels in men and can mimic oestrogen causing infertility in both men and women.

Arsenic damages pancreatic cells that produce insulin, the hormone that controls your blood sugar, and can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and diabetes.

Reduce Inflammation

Studies have shown that the higher levels of heavy metals in the body, the higher will be inflammatory markers in the blood such as CRP and ESR.

Chronic inflammation is likely to lead to hypertension, and many other chronic diseases, including auto-immune diseases.

Keeping inflammatory markers low by doing a regular heavy metal detox is critical to optimizing health.

Prevent Chronic Diseases

We have already mentioned that heavy metals can cause free-radical damage or oxidative stress. This leaves cells more vulnerable to membrane damage that will lead with mathematical accuracy to chronic diseases.

Heavy metals can trigger autoimmune conditions, kidney disease, memory defects, Alzheimer’s disease, muscle weakness, and thyroid disorders.

Take Action Now!

Taking action to eliminate heavy metals from the body, while also reducing their exposure is paramount to keeping your health in top shape.

This is best done using a natural heavy metal detox such as HMD. The protocol to use is Dr Georgiou’s Heavy Metal Detox protocol.

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