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How To Avoid Renovation Nightmares

A home is a place that holds utmost importance in our lives. It is a place where we spend the maximum of our time, make memories, express ourselves, and unwind. Many times, remodelling or renovating this place flashes in our heads. Getting an opportunity to give our homes a makeover is not just exciting but undeniable. But this journey of renovating our space can be traumatic if we fail to plan out things well. Hence, deciding to renovate our homes calls for some serious attention and action. To make your renovation journey easy, we have listed some helpful points. Make sure that you follow these if you want a peaceful renovation experience.

  1. Choose you contractor wisely
    Home redecoration is something that cannot be done by your own self. You need professional help. Start with searching for a contractor that is both affordable and well versed in managing time. You can have a negative home renovation experience if your contractor does the following things: increases the cost, delays work, and poor communication. Hence, it is vital to see that you choose your contractor wisely. The question that comes up here is how to go about this? The answer is very simple-Research. Start researching companies that offer the best renovation facilities at an affordable cost. You can also choose to ask your friends, relatives and your neighbors.
    Searching for an excellent interior designing company can be challenging in Singapore. But do not worry. We have your back. MJS Interior is one such interior designing company in Singapore that is affordable and offers the best deals to homeowners and its clients.
  2. Have a realistic budget
    Many times, people just rush into the renovation process. This is obviously because of the excitement they have to redecorate their space. But there is nothing wrong with it. Just make sure that you do not take up hasty decisions. Home remodeling calls for putting a lot of money at stake. Therefore, it is recommended to Plan! Plan everything right, from the budget and the time to the resources that will be required. You can do this by getting written estimates from your contractor. These written estimates can include the demolition and removal of construction debris, the cost of the appliances, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, electrical stuff, plumbing stuff, and fees for mode appliances. You can also search for furniture and countertops that are not expensive. Try to cut out expenses wherever possible. If this is done accurately, going wrong with your renovation journey is an impossible thing!!
  3. Do not avoid red flags
    The heading seems catchy, and so is the logic behind it. Never ever avoid red flags if you are renovating your home. Now, how does this work? It is straightforward. Analyze every step of your interior designing company. For instance, it is a red flag if the company takes ages to reply to you or does not turn up. This clearly shows that they are disorganized, swamped and poor with following up. Another possible red flag that you can look for is the respect that you get from your architect. Sounds tricky, but practically it is not. Your company needs to respect your budget and time and adhere to what you quoted to them. If they can’t show respect, then yes, your experience will be a bad one!!
  4. Measure twice, cut once
    This saying is old, but as it is said, “Old is gold” it applies today as well. Renovating calls for a bunch of jobs that involve cutting and measuring things. Hiring an interior designing company can help you use your resources judiciously. This is because they have trained people who are clearly aware of cutting and measuring things. They will indeed measure everything twice before making a cutting decision. So yes, trust MJS interior for such work, and we promise to never disappoint our clients.

The renovation comes with a bunch of responsibilities. An individual alone can’t plan out things and then execute them. With significant responsibilities comes a demand for great expertise. We at MJS Interiors are many creative, dedicated and expert teams who clearly understand what renovation means to people. All our services are affordable, and we do not believe in quality. We offer a wide array of renovating facilities and services. We bet you will not find a company like us in Singapore with all the traits of a perfect interior designing company.

4 ways to childproof your home

Babies are most vulnerable to accidents. They can get into trouble at any time and in any way. If you are expecting a baby or you are already a parent to a small baby, it is high time for you to think about childproofing your home.
Childproofing your home calls for making an umpteen number of changes. You might need to change your doorknobs, cabinet locks, switch boards, and many more. And all of these require planning. Of course, no parent would want their baby to get into trouble. So, to get your space baby proofed, you need to get professional help. We at MJ Interiors assist you in suggesting ways to child-proof your homes.
Babyproofing your home may necessitate some home improvements. But seeking professional help can make this journey a hassle-free one. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

  1. Get done with big things in the first go
    Start looking for things in your space that can cause maximum harm to your child. It is now a good time for you to get that broken window fixed, along with mending your leaking geyser. If you have a home that is super old, peeling paint surfaces represent a source of lead exposure, especially for your child who loves crawling around the entire house. You should also look for furniture that requires maintenance to avoid tipping.
    Another important thing that requires your attention is the bathroom. Kids are always fascinated by knobs and things that keep on turning. They have a tendency to go into the bathroom and turn the tap on to play with water. Playing with water can be dangerous if you haven’t set the thermostat of your water heater to below 120 degrees. Hence, it is important for you to be particular about your bathroom’s water heater as it can cause maximum harm to both life and property.
  2. Use window guards and safety netting
    Slipping off from a window or balcony is something that can happen at anytime. Children often tend to lean from balconies just to enjoy the view. So, to make sure that your child is safe, use safety netting and window guards. But just installing these is not enough. You need to regularly check them and make sure that they are well maintained. You can also limit your window opening to four inches or less. Yes, but do not forget to have one big window in each room, so that you can escape through it in case of fire.
  3. Use outlet covers and outlet plates
    install outlet covers and outlet plates to prevent electrocution. Using these devices can help you safeguard your child against electric shocks and electrocution. You also need to see that the outlet protectors are large enough so that your child cannot choke them. You can also see that they are not easily removable.
  4. Use safety gates
    Using safety gates can help you prevent your child from falling off the stairs. Many a time, your child might feel the urge to get down or up the stairs. This is something that can be a dangerous thing for your child. Try and use safety gates to prevent your child from entering areas with stairs. You also need to make sure that the safety gates you use aren’t easily dislodged by your little one. Make sure that the “V” shaped gates are replaced with other gates. The problem with “V” shaped gates is that the gaps between the bars can entrap your child’s head and neck.
    Every year, children are injured due to the risks and hazards that are present within their homes. The good news is that you can prevent your child from all these risks. The market is flooded with safety devices that can be of great help to you if you want to childproof your space. Besides these, even the interior design companies are offering services that specifically cater to the needs of parents. These companies promise to design a home that is not just classy but also safe for your toddler.
    So, if you are a parent and you are reading this, come contact us and make your home a safe place for your child.

How to Utilize Built-ins to Keep your Home Organized

Organizing a home can be tedious. With kids, pets, and adults in the house, it may seem that everything in the house needs to be remodeled. Getting rid of the clutter that is around you is the first and foremost step towards getting your space organized.
People tend to make frequent visits to the store to buy items that can help store their excess. But don’t you feel this really doesn’t make any difference? Every time you come back with storage containers, there is always some clutter still left to be accommodated. This typically means your organization’s systems need to be updated such that they fit your changing needs and lifestyle.
Nothing puts your square footage to better use than a built-in. Built-ins have the ability to transform a dead zone under the stairs into a fully functional storage space. Installing built-ins into your house does not just help you get additional storage space but, at the same time, aids in your organizing process. Installing built-ins is therefore an effective way to utilize all that extra space that you have in your house.
People often get confused about what built-ins would be best suitable for them and how to install and use them. These are basic questions that cross everyone’s head when they decide to organize their home. The answer to this is quite simple. Take charge of organizing your house by taking up one room at a time. Ahh!! Do not forget, there are companies out there in Singapore that can help you get organized if you seek expert assistance.
However, if you choose to do it by yourself, the points stated below can help you to a greater extent. And also, if you get messed up while doing it, feel free to seek our assistance.
(add mjs interior website link).

  1. Hanging rails
    Get the hang of it. Sounds interesting? Yes, it does. Installing hanging rails in the kitchen can help you get more storage space. They even have the ability to give that rustic chic vibe to your kitchen. These handy bars are easy to install, and installing them just above your counter helps you get access to tools at a glance.
  2. Ladders
    A kitchen usually requires a good amount of storage space. It is this area of the house that has the most clutter. So, adding some built-ins here can help you go a long way in getting organized. Cabinets in the kitchen usually do not go up to the ceiling. To get more organized, add some cabinets that soar straight up to the ceiling. And to reach these cabinets, consider adding a library-style ladder to get that gorgeous look.
  3. Get lifted
    Adding a loft area in the main part of your bedroom can help you get an additional space for storing your extras. Add a platform in your bedroom, similar to a wooden loft, to store all of your extra luggage, bags, clothes, and so on.
  4. Consider adding arch
    Small arched built-ins are very useful. Adding them on either side of your fireplace will give you a decent amount of shelf space to keep showpieces, books, or cutlery. Do not forget to keep them the same color as that of your lower cabinets and mantle to get a cohesive vibe.
  5. Built in seating
    Built in seating can also be a part of the built in. Having a seating area with a nook (storage underneath) will add some extra space to your room. This will not only allow you to store items, but it will also provide you with a comfortable seating area and a beautiful view.
    Built-in typically means shelving. But in reality, it is not just confined to shelving. It has more to it. Built-ins offer you extra space but also add style and personality. If you are looking to organize your home, built-ins are for you. Organizing is a continuous process. It never ends. So, built-ins are for you to pave your renovation journey.

5 Storage Solutions Every Home Needs

Who doesn’t want extra storage? Everyone does. The reason is simple, having an additional amount of storage space eases up life and makes home organization simple. This is what every homeowner needs.
Storage is not just confined to towering bookshelves and unruly closets. Instead, storage solutions are ways through which one can easily change the way one lives. One needs to plan storage accurately as it will help open up rooms and spaces in our daily lives. Planning your storage space can sometimes help you come across spaces in your rooms that you never thought existed. People often think designing smart, useful storage can be daunting. But this is exactly not the case. You just need to plan each and everything properly. With some tips and tricks, you can easily transform your haphazard-looking closet, wasted space or cluttered interior into a more mature and planned interior. Storage planning can literally take your interiors to new heights. Trust us, these heights will be worth reaching. Smart storage solutions help you organize and declutter your space to create more liveable and open rooms where you can work, gather or unwind.
So what are you waiting for? We have rounded up five smart and easy storage solution ideas for your happy home.

  1. Consider spatial functions and go modular
    Before you plan out the storage space:
    Ask each person in your house about the room they prefer to use.
    Do not forget to ask about the activities they would do in that room. This will help you plan effectively.
    Always design your storage room by room. This will help you analyse stuff that you wouldn’t be taking inside the room, and then these items can be grouped together depending on a room’s use.
    Not to forget, always opt for a modular design. This will help you break down larger spaces into smaller ones. For instance, with the help of modular design, you can break storage spaces into drawers or cabinets.
  2. Under the stair storage
    Another easiest and most effective storage space solution that you should definitely opt for. You should definitely opt for this glamorous-looking built-in storage space idea. Consider building cabinets in that underutilized nook beneath the stairs. This storage space idea never goes wrong and is used by all interior designers. Building cabinets underneath stairs gives a classy look and does not add extra space in the house.
  3. Floor cabinets
    Build cabinets on the top of the floor. This will help you compartmentalise and will make clothes and other supplies accessible. This is another best built-in solution to opt for. Again, does not acquire another space in the house and helps store things more smartly. You can have this in your dressing room and bathroom to keep your extra stuff.
  4. Use vertical spaces
    Utilizing vertical space, like behind-the-door storage, is a smart storage solution idea. These are some spaces that are unutilized and can be put to use for storing small items that would have otherwise cluttered your room. Going for vertical spaces will make your room organized and also will help you access things easily.
  5. Wall hooks
    Best to help store your clothes. Just by putting a hook on the wall, you can literally use it for hanging your towels or coats. Wall hooks do not require any structural changes and can be put and removed according to your convenience. Wall hooks are not just used for hanging clothes but can be used in the kitchen to hang that extra spoon or spatula. This built-in is definitely a good storage space idea.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these above-listed smart storage solution ideas and declutter your space to get a positive vibe. Because excessive clutter causes negativity to creep into your space.

Entryway Inspirations for Small Home

People often overlook the entryway space of their homes. They think this particular space is something that not everyone notices, so they do not plan it well. But this is practically not the case. Entryway space is considered one of the most important spaces in the house. After all, it is this place that welcomes people into your home and is sometimes the only space visitors come across when they visit your home.
An entryway demands serious attention; you clearly cannot afford to make your entry give a mundane vibe, so make sure you have an attractive entry. Another important factor that is enough to state that a perfect entry is necessary is that it sets the tone for the rest of your house and that coordinates with hallways and landing will ensure a coordinated feel. This does not mean that the entry has to be grand and decorated too much. Even a simple and subtle entry can be designed to give that classic look. Designing an entryway for your home can be easy. But you just need to search for ways that fall into your budget and do not demand too much.
So, for a small entry, you need to think big. Go beyond the regular welcome mat and ensure your entry says what you want it to say.
Follow these design tips to have a classy and a grand entry for your home.

  1. Offer a seat
    The most vital thing that entryways often tend to miss is to offer a place that will be used to sit. To better understand this, let’s take up an example, what if a pizza delivery guy visits your place to deliver your pizza. And you have to go inside to get some cash to pay for the pizza. Now, by the time you go to the room to get that money, you will offer that guy a place to sit. What would you want? Obviously, you would never want a random person to come and sit in the front foyer. So, for situations and people like these, never forget to place a chair, bench or a seat for such strangers to sit. The good part is placing a bench will serve you in two ways. One way is, of course, there will be a place to sit; second, it can be a good storage solution for you. Use this bench to keep your shoes, umbrella etc. yes, and do not forget to search for a bench with shelves.
  2. Be cautious with lights
    Entryways in some homes are usually tight. This tightness causes a lack of light to enter that space. If you have such an entry, try bouncing lights by using mirrors. Mirrors are considered as the best options to help reflect light. Not just light is reflected, but at the same time, mirrors make your space look bigger. Try angling a mirror across the light source to use mirrors the right way. This will double the natural brightness and make your entryway look bigger, spacious and airier.
  3. Invite guests
    Make sure that your entryway gives a warm feeling to your guests. In simple words, it should make your guests feel welcome. Think of it this way. Anytime guests visit your place, they are still holding their stuff in their hands. Your guest might visit you wearing a coat and carrying an umbrella. If you have a planned entryway, your guest can get rid of all the stuff they carry right before entering your house. This is definitely gonna make them feel invited. So, offer your guests a place to keep their items. This is surely going to make them feel comfortable.
  4. Choose colors over neutrality
    Choosing neutral colours is very easy. But selecting a bold shade can instantly elevate your space and its impact. Any bright colour like blue, orange, yellow etc., can vibe up your space. Also, not forget, if you decide to paint your entryway, make sure you choose a paint that offers a durable finish and picks your shade thoughtfully. This is because entryways are considered the busiest area of your space. So the wall colour is more susceptible to getting knocked and chipped. So be cautious with the quality of paint.

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