igloohome smart padlock malaysia

Smart Security Solutions

The company believes in securing your home the best way. These technology based lock systems are a product of igloohome. The locks are designed in such a way that one can get access to the homes even when the owners are not present. Unlike other locks, the locks designed by igloohome do not require the owner to be present all the time.The company makes sure that the locks provide 100 percent security and they are not easy to crack by outsiders. The system installed to maintain security is high-tech and user friendly. The system is easy to understand and is a reliable choice of many people already. 

Smart Security Solutions is a company that is the prime distributor of the locks designed by igloohome in Malaysia. The company is also an authorized resold for the same.the company also offers after sale services. Once a purchase is done from the store, master installers are sent to the places where the locks are to be installed to check for the efficiency of the work done. The installers also help the customers understand the process of working of the locks; Smart Security Solutions deliver these locks nationwide and they have authorized retailers in every region of Malaysia.

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