How a Global PEO can help you to expand your company to Czech Republic

Expanding your business operations to a new country can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to navigating the complex legal and administrative requirements of employment. One solution to this challenge is to partner with a Global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in the target country. In this blog post, we will explore how a Global PEO can help you expand your company to the Czech Republic, one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe.

Introduction to Global PEO

A Global PEO is a company that specializes in providing employment services to companies looking to expand their operations internationally. Through a PEO, a company can hire employees in a foreign country without the need to set up a legal entity, such as a subsidiary or branch office. This can significantly reduce the costs and administrative burden of expanding internationally.

A PEO in Czech Republic, how it works?

When partnering with a PEO in the Czech Republic, the PEO takes on the legal and administrative responsibilities of employing workers on behalf of the client company. This means that the PEO becomes the legal employer of the workers, but the client company retains control over their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

The PEO takes care of all employment-related tasks, including payroll, taxes, benefits, compliance, and insurance. The PEO also ensures that the workers are hired in compliance with Czech labor laws and regulations. This can be especially important in a country like the Czech Republic, where the legal and regulatory landscape can be complex and difficult to navigate.

What benefits are in recruiting in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a rapidly growing economy, with a highly skilled workforce and a favorable business environment. The country has a well-educated workforce, with a strong focus on innovation and technology. It is also centrally located in Europe, making it an attractive destination for companies looking to access the wider European market.

The Czech Republic also has a favorable tax system, with a low corporate tax rate of 19%, making it an attractive destination for companies looking to minimize their tax burden. Additionally, the country has a stable and resilient economy, with a strong focus on export-oriented industries such as automotive, machinery, and electronics.

Overall, recruiting in the Czech Republic can offer many benefits for companies looking to expand their operations. The country’s highly skilled workforce, favorable business environment, attractive tax system, and central location make it an attractive destination for businesses looking to grow.

Differences between a PEO and an EOR

While a PEO and an Employer of Record (EOR) may sound similar, there are some key differences between the two. An EOR is responsible for all aspects of employment, including hiring, firing, and managing workers. This means that the EOR becomes the legal employer of the workers, and the client company has no control over their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

In contrast, a PEO allows the client company to retain control over the workers’ tasks and responsibilities, while the PEO takes care of the legal and administrative tasks of employment. This can provide greater flexibility and control for the client company, while still allowing them to expand their operations internationally.

Why use a PEO instead of a Recruitment Agency

While a recruitment agency can help a company find the right talent for their operations in a new country, they do not offer the legal and administrative support that a PEO can provide.

A PEO can handle all aspects of employment, from hiring to termination, ensuring that the client company remains compliant with local labor laws and regulations. This can provide peace of mind and reduce the risk of legal and financial penalties.

Advantages and disadvantages of PEO services

Advantages of PEO services in Czech Republic:

  1. Easy expansion: A PEO can help companies quickly expand into Czech Republic without the need for establishing a separate legal entity.
  2. Cost-effective: Outsourcing HR functions through a PEO can save costs as it eliminates the need for setting up an office and hiring a full-time HR team.
  3. Compliance with local regulations: A PEO can ensure compliance with local employment regulations, which can be complex and difficult to navigate for foreign companies.
  4. Access to local expertise: A PEO can provide local expertise and knowledge, making it easier to navigate local culture, customs and regulations.
  5. Flexibility: PEO services can be customized to the specific needs of a company, including support with recruitment, onboarding, payroll and benefits administration.

Disadvantages of PEO services in Czech Republic:

  1. Limited control: As the PEO is responsible for managing HR functions, companies may have limited control over HR processes and decision-making.
  2. Lack of brand identity: As the PEO is the employer of record, employees may not feel a strong connection to the parent company or brand.
  3. Language barriers: Language barriers can pose a challenge when working with a PEO that does not have fluent English speakers on staff.
  4. Limited scalability: PEO services may not be suitable for large companies or those with complex HR needs as they may lack the necessary resources and flexibility.
  5. Risk of miscommunication: Miscommunication can occur between the parent company and the PEO, which can lead to issues with compliance, payroll or employee relations.


In conclusion, the Czech Republic can be a lucrative market for foreign companies seeking to expand their operations. However, navigating local employment regulations and cultural norms can be challenging. A PEO service provider can offer valuable support in this regard, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations while also providing access to local expertise and talent. While PEO services have their disadvantages, the benefits of cost-effectiveness, flexibility and easy expansion can make them an attractive option for companies seeking to expand into the Czech Republic.

It is important for companies to carefully weigh the pros and cons of PEO services and choose a service provider that is a good fit for their specific needs and requirements. Ultimately, with the right PEO partner, companies can successfully establish and grow their presence in the Czech Republic while minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.

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