5 gemstones other than diamonds that you can buy for your wedding ring

The classic white diamond wedding rings are eternal beauties. But these days, there is a significant shift towards different gemstones that look unique. Especially for the wedding ring, many couples looks for alternatives to diamonds. This is because of the expense and the aesthetics. As a result, the jewellery industry is flooded with a wide variety of gemstones these days. Whether it is your wedding, engagement or any other occasion, here we have listed a few gemstones which are as popular as diamonds for the big day.


The fiery red rubies are considered symbol of purity and passion. They are often the first choice among couples for their wedding rings. Especially if you want a substitute of diamond that is equally precious, rubies are the best options. rubies look exceptionally beautiful when set on yellow gold or rose gold. These gemstones are versatile enough for men’s wedding ring too.


Sapphires are regal choices that are often equally expensive as diamonds. However, there are synthetic sapphires available today which are comparatively affordable. If you are looking for women’s white gold wedding rings, sapphire is the perfect complimentary gemstone. They come in a variety of hues of blue and even purple. Among thee, the royal blue or dark blue sapphires are the most popular choice among couples looking for wedding rings.


Emeralds are comparatively more affordable than rubies and sapphires. But in terms of beauty they are no less. Deep green emeralds with minimal defects can be extremely costly though. Couples who want an offbeat gemstone that represents fertility and faith opt for the emeralds. Emeralds have similar composition to sapphires but generally have more inclusions, hence the lower price. the classic choice would be an emerald cut that shows of the true beauty of the stone better than anything else.


If you are fond of warmer tones, topaz would attract you. It is a durable gemstone but comparatively affordable and common than those mentioned in the list. The colour of topaz can range from bright golden yellow to orange and even reds. However, the most expensive topaz are usually golden yellow with negligible inclusions. Topaz looks best when paired with platinum or yellow gold. The bright colour of yellow topaz is enhanced best when the wedding band is made of gold.


These days, moissanites are gaining immense popularity because they look nearly similar to diamonds. In terms of hardness they are at par too. Many customers believe moissanite and diamonds are the same thing. But essentially, they are not. Moissanites are as hard as diamonds but the lustre is slightly less. However, unless you are an expert, it is very difficult to tell apart moissanite from real diamonds. The best thing about moissanite is the very affordable price range. This is a major reason behind the popularity of moissanites.

You can easily find lab grown diamond engagement rings as well as other synthetic gemstones from the top jewellers. Simply choose the gemstone of your choice and you can get a bespoke wedding ring made from the top jewellers. The above-mentioned are some of the most popular gemstones for creating the perfect wedding rings.

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