How to Give CBD to Your Dogs in 5 Quick and Easy Ways?

Now that you know the benefits of CBD for dogs’ health, you might be considering giving the cannabis compound to your furry friend. CBD for dogs is available in several forms, from CBD pet drops to gummies and oils, all formulated specifically for your dog’s body. So, there is no shortage of choices when introducing CBD to your pet’s daily health regimen. This article covers multiple ideas for those wondering how to give CBD to their four-legged companion.

Finding the best method to give CBD to your dog will depend on its daily routine and needs. Moreover, to make a rational decision, you should know the details of each CBD product for pets, their benefits, and how to use them.

5 easy ways to give CBD to your dog

1.   Give CBD Oil to Your Dog from the Dropper

Many pet parents prefer CBD oil tinctures for their dogs as they are so easy to use. A plastic dropper can easily squirt the correct quantity of CBD pet drops in your dog’s mouth.

Give the appropriate potency and amount

If you consider squirting CBD oils straight into your dog’s mouth, you must know the appropriate potency when buying the product. In addition, you must responsibly give your dog the correct dosage of CBD products.

For instance, when having a medium-sized dog, you should select CBD oil strength for medium-sized pets. Also, consult your pet veterinary doctor about the correct amount of CBD oil for dogs.

Benefits of this method

Giving CBD oil to your dog with the dropper is a quick and simple method with no fuss. With tinctures, you can have much control over the amount of CBD you give to your dog.

2.   Mix CBD Oil with Dog’s Food or Treats

Some dogs might be uncomfortable being fed CBD from a dropper, perhaps because of bad memories of bitter medicine. Don’t worry! There is another effective method to give CBD to your pets, i.e., CBD pet treats for dogs. You can get CBD treats for your dog or mix CBD oil in your dog’s food or treats.

How do you mix CBD oil with your dog’s food or treats?

All you need to do is mix the CBD oil in your furry companion’s hard kibble or soft food in the correct dosage. Similarly, you can add CBD oil for dogs into your pet’s treats, let it soak in, and then feed it to your pet. In addition, you can drop CBD oil onto any kind of whole food, fruit, or snack that your dog loves to eat.

3.   Treat Your Dog with CBD Treats

Even with special, delicious pet treats, you will want your dogs to have something wholesome and healthy. If you are a busy professional, measuring the correct amount of CBD oils and squirting them into your dog’s mouth or food might sound like too much work. Feeding your dog CBD treats might seem viable for a busy person like you.

The perks of crunchy CBD treats for dogs

You can easily shop for lab-tested CBD dog treats from the best CBD stores. The CBD treats for pets are usually baked to perfection for crunchy delight, letting your dog enjoy luscious food while reaping health benefits from CBD. Portability is the plus point of using this method of CBD application for your four-legged companion. You can take the bag of CBD treats and provide wellness support of CBD to your dog anywhere.

Moreover, you can rest assured about your pet’s daily CBD consumption, as the treats contain a specific CBD amount. There is no need to measure CBD – give your dog a particular number of treats.

4.   Give Your Dog CBD Soft Chews

Are you the owner of an older or smaller dog? If yes, CBD chews for dogs are the suitable CBD feeding option for your pet. Soft chews’ soft and chewy texture suits older or small dogs with tender gums and teeth. Such dogs find it challenging to chew crunchy CBD treats. In addition, dogs needing special dental care will also appreciate the soft textures of CBD soft chews.

What is the ideal strength of CBD soft chews?

Similar to all quality CBD products for dogs, you can find CBD soft chews in various strengths for furry pets of different sizes, including:

  • 100-150 mg for itty-bitty dogs.
  • 200-300 mg for mid-sized dogs.
  • 500-6000 mg for gentle but giant dogs.

5.   Give CBD to Your Dog Topically for Skin Comfort

Topical CBD applications with CBD balm, CBD sprays, or CBD shampoos for dogs are another helpful way to support your furry companion’s wellness. You can get these CBD products for your dog from the best CBD store.

CBD dog shampoos are an excellent way to make your dog’s bathtime luxurious and relaxing. And CBD sprays or balms can comfort your dog’s rough paws and dry body.

With topical methods different from ingestibles like CBD oils, tinctures, or dog treats, here’s what you need to know about giving your pet topical CBD.

Topicals don’t count toward the dog’s daily CBD consumption

CBD sprays, balms, or shampoos enter the dog’s system via its skin. Since this method is less concentrated than an ingestible, counting topical CBD applications towards your four-legged friend’s daily CBD consumption is unnecessary. For instance, if you already have fed your dog a predetermined 10 mg CBD per day, you can still apply CBD balm to its dry paws or shampoo it for relaxation.


CBD has become a natural way to provide multiple health benefits to dogs. Whenever you consider giving CBD to your dog, it’s imperative to start with the correct amount, depending on your dog’s weight, body structure, age, and health conditions. Remember that your furry friend will need a certain amount of CBD regularly to experience the compound’s benefits. You can spread the required CBD dosage over different delivery methods, from CBD pet treats for dogs to CBD oil tinctures and topical applications.

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