Marketing plans for restaurants

Marketing is the most crucial factors for the success of any endeavor. As it is what brings the project to the target audience and helps attract them to achieve success. Good marketing is accompanied by new marketing plans and promotional ideas for restaurants to convince the public. And attract their attention, especially when entering a crowded market.

The matter does not stop with marketing on opening the place as most of the steps accompany restaurants throughout their work. Therefore, it is necessary to create promotional ideas to increase restaurant sales through continuous marketing plans commensurate with the position reached by any restaurant and at every stage. Perhaps the most successful marketing is crazy marketing that carries strange ideas to attract the audience and get them to try what the restaurant offers.

Therefore, in this article, we will take you on a tour of how to create marketing plans and devise classic. Or innovative promotional ideas to increase restaurant sales and thus achieve the greatest benefit for these restaurants.

Marketing plans for restaurants with ideas to increase sales

It is important to talk about the necessity of a restaurant identity, as this creates a future audience’s pre-mature image. Once the name is presented later in front of the audience. For example, they will quickly understand what the place means. Or even when they see the logo, there will be a pre-mentioned image around the place through which they can remember the name and shape of the place. This is because the identity of the place enhances the creation of a story around it. And the success story makes it remain immortal. This is what helps the first marketing plan for the identity of the place in its construction. Then it is followed by other promotional ideas to confirm and enhance the first success.

The identity of the restaurant and the special story that comes from the name, logo, and place

As we mentioned above. Launching an identity for the restaurant from a name and logo increases the restaurant’s attractiveness and increases the likelihood of the audience remembering it constantly. What increases the value of this identity is the accompanying story that always begins with a sentence that becomes part of the place and its story. For example, if a fast-food restaurant is based on food delivery only, it might use a slogan such as “With you everywhere” or “With us, forget the hunger.” This particular saying or slogan will make the audience remember the restaurant as soon as it is mentioned, and thus it is the base on which the marketing process is built.

Social media

Social media networks or media have become an integral part of any marketing process. Because what they provide in terms of speed of access to the audience and a mechanism for targeting the required category exceeds what other marketing means, especially the classic ones. Thus, any marketing plans for restaurants are preferable to provide ideas to attract the public. Before the opening process through new and innovative promotional phrases.

Restaurant marketing plan include methods such as exciting menus or launching competitions about the identity of the place to be opened.

It includes the most important social media


Perhaps when talking about restaurants, Instagram is the perfect platform for its help options, such as the speed of spread, adding photos, adding videos, or even reaching the target audience.

Eye-catching Instagram photos are the best way to highlight the appeal of “the eyes eat before the mouth,” as the saying goes.


It is the most widespread network globally, but it is suitable in more specific markets than others. Despite this, it is very influential on restaurant results because of its options to create private pages and the ability to reach the largest possible content through interaction on posts or even when used for advertisements.


The TikTok application achieved a terrible spread speed during the last period. However, perhaps the mechanism of the application and its artificial intelligence algorithms made it easier to reach the public.

Thus, it can be used to create short clips that encourage the audience and motivate them to try some meals, for example, or highlight the place’s aesthetic.

When there is a pizzeria, it is better to use hashtags such as “#pizza-#pizza-margherita” and others per the food.

Putting contests on social media

Contests increase the value of interaction anywhere, but on social networks, this interaction doubles, accelerating the spread of the restaurant’s name, thus reaching the largest fan base.

The larger the mass base, the more this audience can be converted to customers who increase the value of the restaurant’s turnout and achieve additional income.


Ads always help to catch the eye of the audience, whether the old audience and remind them of the place or the new audience to attract them for the first time. 

Advertisements include several types between visual and print, such as banners, paper advertisements, and social networking advertisements.

 Social media ads

It is the most widespread type of advertising, as it can reach a large audience at the lowest costs, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Create a website

Although most restaurants currently focus on social networks, creating a website increases the restaurant’s value in front of the public. In addition, it makes it easier for the public to reach all social networks by including them, their access to the menu, and other things.

The website’s presence also puts an idea in the public’s mind that this restaurant has high potential and thus enhances their acceptance.

Website SEO Optimization

If the website is available, it is important to consider its ability to compete in search engines and easier access to users through SEO optimization, which helps the public access the site directly by simply searching on Google.

It can be said that adding a blog within site to talk about food and restaurant helps the audience reach faster through search engines.

Build a special application

Large restaurants are launching their applications. These applications help the public learn about what restaurants offer and prices and order from them easily via the Internet. Which is an important step to acquiring a new category that may not prefer to go to the same restaurants.

This means that the restaurant’s launch of its application will increase the reach of the audience. Even without them coming directly to the place or liking them on social networks.

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Food Delivery

Food delivery service enhances the possibility of attracting a class of audience. Those who do not prefer to go to restaurants. This increases sales without providing additional services to the public. When they come to the place and reduces pressure on the work team, especially during crowded periods.

Digital Menu

The presence of a digital menu through the website, the application, or even external applications. It helps the public to try the largest number of meals served in the restaurant.

This means a greater chance of the public liking the restaurant’s meals. Thereby improving sales of some meals and improving income.

Subscribe to food apps

Subscribing to food delivery apps opens new revenue channels that were not previously available. And the presence of the restaurant in them means getting a new audience that may not have known about the restaurant before using the application.

Get reviews about the place

Encouraging the public to write their reviews about the place on social networks. Or Google means proving that the public has reached the place and tried different meals. And thus makes it easier for the category who did not try the restaurant to try it.

The high rating of the restaurant also helps it appear more to users on social networks. Or within the Google search engine.

Reply to reviews

Responding to public reviews expresses the restaurant’s interest in its customers. And keenness to constantly improve their experience, which encourages attracting more of them.

Add restaurant information on Google Maps and the search engine itself.

Adding location information on Google certifies its physical presence. Especially when adding location information on Google Maps, making public access easier.

The place’s name in the search engine enhances its visibility to the public once they search for restaurants to try in a specific place.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs enhance the public’s sense of its importance. Thus increasing its confidence in the place and possibly maintaining it for the longest time and use by bringing in new customers.

Also loyalty programs include but are not limited to:

  • Discounts when coming to restaurants.
  • Discounts on orders when they exceed specified prices.
  • Provide additional meals when ordering some meals.
  • Give gifts to customers now and then.


Offers to enhance the attraction of a good group of people, like discounts on meals and the provision of additional meals from time to time, increase the possibility of the public’s experience of the restaurant at the lowest costs. Then the restaurant can convert the experience into continuous revenue by converting the audience into customers through the quality of what it offers.

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