Leh Ladakh bike trip: Budget Guide

Budget-friendly expenses for the trip to Leh Ladakh

There will only be a small cost associated with your trip to Leh Ladakh. things like lodging and food.

These are the essentials that you must have and cannot do without.

Here is a table listing everything you need to take into account when calculating your budget. Each item’s pricing will be shown below in its appropriate section.

1 Food Cost

2 Accommodation Cost 

3 Other Costs 

4 Mode of Transportation

What is the cost of a trip to Leh Ladakh?

The itinerary affects the cost of visiting Leh Ladakh. Therefore, if your itinerary does not include any buffer days, you can visit all of the big cities quickly and for a lower cost.

The typical format of an itinerary is as follows: 

Day 1: Delhi to Manali

Day 2: Manali to Jispa 

Day 3: Jispa to Pang 

Day 4: Pang to Leh

Day 5: Leh 

Day 6: Leh to Khardung La – Diskit

Day 7: Leh to Khardung La – Diskit

Day 8: Diskit to Turtuk

Day 9: Panamik to Hemis Monastery

Day 10: Pangong Tso Lake 

Day 11: Pangong to Hanle

Day 12: Nubra Valley to Nubra Valley to Leh 

Day 13: Leh to Nubra Valley 

Day 14: Stay in Leh 

Day 15: From Leh to Jispa 

Ladakh offers a variety of itineraries. Different sorts of itineraries are offered by numerous trip operators.

So, as you can see, our itinerary took 14 days to complete. Since we stayed an additional day in Manali and an additional day in Delhi, our actual stay was 16 days.

You should also be aware that when you travel, the price of accommodations and other expenses rise because you cannot split the cost and must pay the full amount on your own.

When you travel with a partner, you can reduce costs, go farther, and have a better time.

How much does food cost while visiting Leh Ladakh?

Although the cost of meals is relatively low in comparison to the total expense of the vacation, you should be aware that it is more expensive than usual.

This is due to the fact that the food must first be purchased in Manali before being transported to the location.

If you eat in a Dabha or a tent, the price of meals often starts at Rs. 150 per person. While travelling to Leh, Nubra, or Leh, it can be difficult to find eateries in a number of locations.

However, there are excellent eateries in Leh, Nubra, and a few other locations in Leh Ladakh. Your food bill may rise if you eat in restaurants. Compared to the total cost of this vacation, the cost of food is really low.

The final factor that might have a big impact on your food budget is your food preference. Are you going to eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Even if you are not a vegetarian, I would advise you to try to eat more vegetables while visiting Leh Ladakh because the air quality is so poor there. You will need time to digest, and occasionally you can get diarrhoea.

Reminder: Always carry a sturdy water bottle that won’t break if you drop it. Consider replenishing it each time you stop.

You’ll stay hydrated, fight mountain sickness, and contribute to keeping Himalaya clean by not discarding trash and empty bottles there.

How much does lodging in Leh Ladakh cost?

The cost of lodging will be at least Rs. 1000 per day. Yes, the lodging will pay for your stay as well as any necessary tolls, permits, entry fees, and other expenses.

Therefore, the total cost of your lodging will be between Rs. 14000 and Rs. 16000. Therefore, it is a great decision to travel with a companion because the cost of the accommodations will be shared in half and range from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 9000.

You see, that’s the allure of travelling together.

Yes, the lodging will pay for your stay as well as any necessary tolls, permits, entry fees, and other expenses.

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Costs Food Rs. 3000 

Accommodation Rs. 8000

Miscellaneous Rs. 2500 

Car Rs. 0

Petrol Rs. 28000 

Total Budget Rs. 4 1500 (Approx)

Things to Budget for a Bike Trip to Leh Ladakh (Money)

Food costs £3000, lodging costs £8000, and other costs £2500.

Total Budget: Rs. 43500 Shared Taxi: Rs. 30000 Petrol: Rs (Approx)

Budget for an Independent Bike Trip to Leh Ladakh Things Budget (Cash)

 Food Rs. 3000 Accommodation Rs. 8000 Misc Rs. 2500 Bike Rs. 0 Petrol Rs. 12000 Total Budget Rs. 25500 (Approx)

Additionally, the price will be greatly reduced to about half if you are biking with a companion.

Be aware that when you ride up mountains, your bike’s mileage will decrease. Three things account for this.

1. You are a mountain climber.

2. You have a pillion passenger.

3. Because there is not enough oxygen in the air, your fuel will not burn correctly. 

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