Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies for 2022

It’s not about whether you intend to use social media advertising in 2022. It’s more about how. Facebook is no longer a platform for social interaction. These platforms have evolved into modern marketplaces–important sales channels essential to any ecommerce business.

Facebook ads have many advantages. One of these is the ability to target specific audiences. Facebook ads allow you to drill down to any target audience, enabling you to be very specific with your campaigns.

Facebook offers three types of targeting options: Custom Audiences (Core Audiences), Lookalike Audiences (Custom Audiences), and Core Audiences (Core Audiences). We provide explanations and ideas for Facebook ad targeting.

Begin Facebook Ad Targeting with Your Core Audiences

Facebook Core Audiences are where you begin your first increase Facebook followers uk
. Your Core Audiences, also known as the base segment, are where you start your first Facebook ads. This is the foundation on which you will build all your Facebook advertising strategies and audiences.

Your Audience Insights will provide information about your existing Facebook business pages and audience. These insights will give you the following information about your Core Audiences.

  • Localization
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Connectivity


Facebook allows you to target your audience based on their location. This feature is handy if you know the location of your audience or want to target a specific geographical audience. You can also choose to target large cities or small towns or to select a central point from which to draw a radius.

Weather-based targeting

Weather-based targeting can be used to target users based on their location. An apparel brand might decide to advertise warm coats to people who live in certain areas. Weather-based targeting is not a Facebook feature, but you can use Weather Ads or another third-party tool to achieve this Facebook ad targeting idea.

Fulfillment options can be targeted based on location.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on shoppers’ purchasing habits. Retailers had to adapt to these changes and the constantly changing restrictions on their business operations. Click-and-collect has become more popular, while online-only retailers offer click-and-collect and local pickup.

You can gain a competitive advantage by offering flexible and free fulfillment options. Targeting a specific audience within X miles from your warehouse might be an option. You could also promote your local delivery service or offer in-person pickup.


Demographics are basic information about your audience. They include demographic information such as occupation, income, marital status, race, ethnicity, and family structure. These insights can help you to target your ads and develop strategies.

People who are engaged and have recently become engaged

Targeting people who are engaged is one way to use demographic data. These people will likely plan their weddings soon, so advertise jewelry, accessories, and party favors.

You can also retarget them with ads for honeymooners and new homeowners. Make sure your messaging and creative reflect the lives of your target audience.

People with upcoming anniversaries in mind

Facebook also offers relationship data such as relationship status and date. You can also target users who are celebrating anniversaries. This tactic is excellent for restaurants, jewelry brands, travel agents, and hotels that might host an anniversary couple.


Facebook stores a lot of information about users’ interests. This data is crucial for determining your ad targeting. Claims can include anything from sports to specific athletes or music to songs.

People with a similar interest can be introduced to a new product idea.

You can use Facebook interest-based targeting to target people with similar interests if you have a new product you want to present to the world. You might have a brand new dog toy. In that case, you would use interests that involve dogs.

Rothy’s Footwear ran a increase Facebook likes uk that targeted people interested in shoes and sustainability. These washable shoes are made from sustainable materials, so the interest-based targeting was natural. The brand also included other targeting parameters such as age and gender. Sales rose by 72% after the brand was launched.


Facebook offers behavior-based targeting options for ad targeting, including recent purchases, device usage, and Facebook roles and activities, as well as small business owners.

Target based upon recent purchase behavior

Focusing on your customers’ purchase history will give you an advantage in knowing if they are willing to pay online—select subcategories relevant to your brand, industry, products, and other details. Don’t be afraid of being specific. This is an excellent way of increasing customer acquisition. 

Offering an incentive is one way to attract potential customers using purchase-based behavioral targeting. Consider offering a discount, such as the Partake Foods Facebook ad. You can also provide a free sample or a gift along with your purchase to encourage users to convert.

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