How to Increase Followers On Instagram Without Following Everyone


As we’ve already mentioned, followers on Instagram it’s possible to increase your Instagram followers without the need to follow all of them. It’s even simpler to do this using Instagram Feed Pro to display your own Instagram feeds on your WordPress website.

Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon is WordPress’s top, most highly graded Instagram feed plugin. Apart from allowing you to add amazing Instagram feeds to your site, It’s straightforward to install, which is ideal for those with little experience with design.

With this in mind, let’s look at ways to gain the number of followers you have on Instagram without following…well, everybody!

1. Develop a Unique Style

One of the most effective methods of gaining more Instagram users is to create an individual style and look for your Instagram account.

Since many compete to be noticed on Instagram, it is essential to be seen. A consistent visual style makes you stand out from the other users and allows people to spot your company’s name.

gain more followers on Instagram with an original design

Rosie Clayton does an excellent job in the Instagram theme of vibrant, bright colors. With over 100,000 fans, her selection certainly has paid off.

2. Improve Your Instagram Image Quality

Because Instagram is a photo-centric site, you must focus on how you present your pictures.

High-quality images can draw lots of visitors, engagement, and even followers. But pictures that look like they’ve been thrown together may have the impact of turning people away from your page.

You don’t require expensive equipment to create stunning photographs for Instagram. The camera on your smartphone can suffice when you’re cautious with lighting, props, and filters.

Instagram image quality

This image taken with the Google Pixel demonstrates how smartphone photography can produce some stunning photographs.

3. Get Creative With Captions

Although we’ve discussed the importance of images posted on Instagram in the past, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the words you choose to use. The captions of your photos are an excellent way to connect with your followers and use persuasive language to convince users to follow you.

Consider using captions on your photos to tell a story of your photograph. This way, you’ll engage readers’ emotions and provide them with an engaging experience.

Utilize storytelling to increase followers on Instagram

Most likely, if they like the books they read and also the things the other people are seeing, they’ll be back to see more and keep following your blog.

4. Spark Conversations With Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent method to assist others Instagram users locate your posts. If you include various popular and well-known hashtags in every blog post, you’ll have a great likelihood that you’ll start fascinating conversations.

Instagram hashtags

For instance, you could mix hashtags relevant to the topic, such as #wedding and #weddingphotography, along with popular hashtags like #Instagood and #photooftheday to encourage users to click and follow you.

Pro-tip: Looking to get more attention for your hashtags with a branded tag? As Fenty Beauty has done below, you can also utilize Instagram Feed Pro to display hashtag feeds on your site. If you want to recreate this feature for your brand, look at the complete guide on integrating a hashtag feed into WordPress here.

Increase the number of followers on Instagram using the hashtag feed

5. Make The Most of Your Instagram Bio

It’s important to remember that your Instagram Bio is one of the primary spaces of your Instagram account. From it, users can learn more about your company and you and discover your website and other social media platforms you use on the internet.

Create a bio that is as engaging as you can to attract more Instagram followers by using some of these tips:

  • Include relevant hashtags to help people to locate your profile
  • Include the URL of your website to let people know more about it.
  • Pick the words that best describe your brand in as little space as is possible
  • Emojis are a great way to express emotion, character, or the individual’s character.
  • Instagram bio

6. Use Instagram Stories for Authenticity

Did you know the power of Instagram stories can help you build an intimate connection with others?

Since stories are less formal and tend to last less than a typical Instagram post, so they could afford to appear a bit less polished. This makes you appear more genuine and approachable, which people like to see on brands’ social media because it shows that you’re human.

Stories on Instagram

Furthermore, it helps build confidence, making it more likely that you’ll be able to attract fans.

7. Remember to Use Calls to Action

The next step is one most people do not know about. It’s to include the words “calls to action” (CTA), captions on their blog posts, or within the images.

CTAs let people know what actions you would like them to take next. So should you wish them to visit your website, you should encourage them in your direction. If you don’t ask, you aren’t going to find out.

Utilize a call to action to gain more followers on Instagram.

In this instance, it is clear that the CTA is to assist the writer in developing the title of their forthcoming book. This illustrates how using a simple CTA will motivate people to take action.

8. Display Your Instagram Feed on Your Website

Another effective way to increase Instagram users is to integrate the feeds of Instagram posts into your site. So, website visitors receive a live feed of the Instagram content right when they get there, boosting engagement and following.

Additionally, the automatic push of Instagram posts directly to your website keeps it current and fresh. This increases participation on Instagram even more.

How about we take the time to look at how you can include the Instagram feed on your WordPress website? Follow the steps in the following article.


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