5 best camping destination in Maharashtra

Maharashtra occupies a special place in the Western Ghats as majority of it falls under it thus giving the chance of experiencing the beauty of nature within the state.

So here are some of the best camping sites in Maharashtra, that enhance your relationship with nature, that you must check out. 

Pawna Lake Camping 

Pawna lake camping is located very close to Pune and is one of the most sought after destinations of Maharashtra. From Pune you can reach Pawna in two routes : from Kamshe and Signe. If you were to take the route from Pune, then it takes around 2 hours to reach Pawna. But if you are from Mumbai, then the journey can be a bit longer, one of about 3-4 hours to reach Pawna lake. Despite the journey, the camping site is budget friendly and can relieve your tiredness due to long journeys. There are also the options available for family outings in Pawna.

And the lake is so huge that it seems to connect Pune to Lonavala. The road conditions are relatively good except the last 2 kilometers, which is challenging because of a pothole road with an undulating pathway. However, after reaching the site you will surely feel it is worth coming here along with your family as you will get to enjoy many things. There are many activities that they offer in Pawna lake like river rafting, paragliding and many other water sports, in addition to camping. So do visit the place along with your family in order to make a memorable weekend. 

Bhandardara Camping site

Bhandardara is of Maharashtra located in Igatpuri, which is very near to Nashik, Maharashtra. It is a small hill station that is part of Sahyadri hills of Maharashtra. Kalsubai, which is Maharashtra’s highest point, is very near to it. If you want a budget friendly trip, then Igatpuri is the nearest railway station, that can be cheap mode. You will get to see Myanmar gate enroute, which is also called Vipassana center. The route itself is fascinating as it has many trekking spots like Kalsubai trekking etc. Just before a 5 minute journey to the actual camp, there is a lake called Arthur Lake, where you can enjoy the evening sunset. In the evening you can enjoy the sunset even from the camping site, also plan a barbecue and enjoy the lakeside views along with chilling nights.  

Tapola camping

Tapola is famously exclaimed as Mini Kashmir of India and is located 150 kilometers away from Pune and 250 kilometers from Mumbai. Mahabaleshwar is the nearest point with 30 kilometers travel distance. This camp is situated on the banks of Koyna River and is a best designed resort for weekend trips. The activities they provide in Tapola are Kayaking, boating, zipline, rafting, etc apart from camping. The scenic beauty in Tapola is revealed only after the monsoons as the just rain provides the necessary life to the planet thereby giving the lush greenery everywhere. Make sure that you do not miss out on these miracles of nature by visiting Tapola.  

Rajmachi camping and trekking 

Rajmachi Trek is part of Western Ghats and is located in Maharashtra. It is a fort trek having historical significance, that it was once the stronghold fort of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. Rajmachi camping site is 80 kilometers away from Pune, Maharashtra. The best time to visit Rajmachi is after the monsoons that are between  September to November because at this time the weather will be calm and the flora becomes colorful with lush green. Camping in Rajmachi is possible if you have a considerable amount of time. So planning this on weekends can give you rest in nature.

With this, in addition to camping, you can make it a two day trek. The trek to Rajmachi takes 4 hours. And apart from the main trek you must also move to Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, which can take another hour. And this makes the trek to Rajmachi a moderate to difficult level trek. After the Kondana Caves the trek becomes difficult as the trail gradually begins to steep. So in order to explore nature with camping along with the trek you will have to visit Rajmachi camping. 

Bhatsai River Camping

Bhatsai is located in Vasind, Maharashtra. It is designed on the banks of Bhatsai River and is very close to Mumbai of about 65 kilometers. There are some of the best water sports in Bhatsai camping like any other resorts like Kayaking, boating, fishing, etc. And in the evening there is a special barbecue in the midst of the dark blue sky. This being an offbeat site will make you calm and content. 

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