All you need to know about Triund Trek


Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Altitude: 9,350 ft (maximum)

Base Camp: Dharamkot

Trek trail: 14 kilometres

Tr-ek duration: 2 days, 1 night

Trek trail time: 3 to 5 hours

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Network: BSNL and Vodafone are the most reliable service providers in these areas. 

Major attractions of trek 

  • The sparkling Bhagsu waterfall by the path will leave you in absolute awe of it.
  • Camping and bonfire at night will truly give you moments to cherish. 
  • A night under the glittering sky will make you spellbound.
  • Absorb the perfect landscape with the view of Dhauladhar Range. 

How to reach?

One can easily reach McLeodganj which is 11 kilometres away from Triund or Dharamshala which is 17 kilometres from Triund. Both these cities have good connectivity with New Delhi and Chandigarh and Kullu. 

One can however take a bus or hire private taxis to reach the spot. 

Apart from roads, one can also opt for railways and airways to reach the place. 


The nearest railway station is Kangra mandir railway station, however it is narrow gauge. Pathankot Cantt is the nearest broad gauge railway station which is 91 kilometres from Mcleodganj and 88 kilometres from Dharamshala.

With frequent flights and good connectivity from Delhi airport, Gaggal airport is the nearest airport, located only 10 kilometres from Dharamshala. 

About the trek 

The crown of Mcleodganj and Dharamshala, the Triund Trek is significantly one of the most magnificent treks of Himachal Pradesh. A true reflection of the beauty of Himachal Pradesh and Himalayas, this part of the himalayan trek makes a spot in the list of some top treks in the country. The beauty of nature will make you feel like paradise.

This is one of the shortest yet most recommended treks of Himachal Pradesh with the scenic views and snow covered ranges of Dhauladhar always in the frame. The trek also extends an extremely warming view of Kangra valley. 

Himalayan treks

Unlike usual Himalayan treks, this one is a short trek and an easy weekend getaway for the people. This trek is best for people who are less into physical activities but have a heart that is fond of nature or treks. It can be easily accomplished by people belonging to any age group. Last one kilometre of the trek trail is popularly known as the 22 curves. The trek is fairly easy throughout and is said to have some big small steeps in the final path to add that taste of adventure in the trek. T-he trek helps one to tickle the calm and splendid Himalayas and connect with the soul. 


The trek routes through the beautiful forests with oak and tall deodar trees and the beautiful Bhagsu waterfall. The route has some small and temporary tea stalls, the “chai ki tapri”,  mostly serving Maggie and tea. 

So if you’re the one who loves to trek and is unable because of your stiff schedule or if you’re the one with trekking as one of the checkboxes in your bucket list but aren’t physically active, it’s time to check the box. The trek is easy to take and being a short one is also good for busy bees. Also unlike treks with no signs of signals, the place has good network service provided by some of the companies so one can take slight work along!


To make any trek or anything memorable, sticking by some basic sets of instructions and margins is the key. Here are some instructions from our side to be followed to make this one count.

  • Any kind of alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited during the trek.
  • Take your best and most comfortable shoes to go good along the way.
  • Some common medicine and basic first aid kit is a must take.
  • Don’t forget to take a camera/ Mobile to capture some beautiful moments. 
  • Stick by the guidelines given by the guide to make everything smooth and easy-going.

Now it’s time for you to pack your bags and get on the trek to enjoy the experience and feel it more than just researching about it, because the best way to know about a place is to visit it. 

Triund definitely has a lot to offer, make yourself open to grab the best of nature.

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